Norman Reedus Barefoot and Shirtless


Norman Reedus Barefoot and Shirtless

Norman Reedus walks barefoot in the sand while on vacation. Beach pictures of our favorite male actors seem to be the most popular. They are fun because I know that I could spend tons of time getting them clean and sexy. Reedus has great looking feet. The rest of his body and face are an added body.

Check Reedus out on the TV show The Walking Dead (and you definitely should)  as Daryl Dixon. If you like him there, rent the awesome film Boondock Saints?

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Taylor Kinney’s Barefeet


Taylor Kinney (on the right) has spectacular feet. Perfect toes, perfect feet. Kinney plays Kelly Severide in the awesome show Chicago Fire. Unfortunately I haven’t see this male actor barefoot yet but I will watch for it and let you know when I do catch them!

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Hugh Jackman Barefoot


Hugh Jackman shows off his ball sacs and is also sharing his gorgeous feet with us. Jackman is one of Hollywoods most popular Male Celebrities.

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More Kenny Chesney Barefoot


We found more Kenny Chesney barefoot and posted it immediately! If you are in to country music you will not only enjoy his feet but his tunes also.

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More Barefoot Amaury Nolasco


Barefoot Amaury Nolasco gets dirty as he hangs out on the beach. I found this as I was looking for the hottest of the hot Barefoot Male Celebs and knew he would rank up there at the top.

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More Barefoot Frederic Michalak


I found More Barefoot Frederic Michalak when I was scouring the internet for the best of the best feet, feet feet. He is totally hot and I was glad I found more shots of him and his feet.

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More Barefoot Marcus Schenkenberg


I found another picture of Barefoot Marcus Schenkenberg and posted it immediately. This supermodel is great to look at – especially those sexy feet!

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