Luke James Black Bare Feet


Luke James Black Bare Feet

When I saw how popular the post for black male musician Luke James’ black bare feet were, I hunted for more. Too bad they this one isn’t as good, but it is good!  You can see the shape and size and know that they are right there for the looking and touching!  I will always keep an eye out for more! Just for you!

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Luke James Black Bare Feet

Taylor Kinney’s Barefeet


Taylor Kinney (on the right) has spectacular feet. Perfect toes, perfect feet. Kinney plays Kelly Severide in the awesome show Chicago Fire. Unfortunately I haven’t see this male actor barefoot yet but I will watch for it and let you know when I do catch them!

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Dylan O’Brien Barefoot GIF


Since GIFs have become popular we really get to see a whole lot more of our favorite male celebrities including Dylan O’Brien. He has one awesome set of feet. I am just dreaming that he is walking toward me. Barefeet are such a turn on! If you don’t recognize  O’Brien currently he is currently playing Stiles on the show Teen Wolf.  Also watch for him in the film The Maze Runner coming out in early 2014.

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Hugh Jackman Barefoot


Hugh Jackman shows off his ball sacs and is also sharing his gorgeous feet with us. Jackman is one of Hollywoods most popular Male Celebrities.

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Gale Harold Barefoot and Naked


Double the pleasure! Gale Harold Barefoot and Naked! The scene comes from the TV series Queer as Folk. The show had tons of nude scenes so it was a shame when it went off the air.

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Barefoot and Naked Adam Harrington


Barefoot and Naked Adam Harrington takes a leap in the film Out of Order. Harrington is in the new show Out of Order.

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Barefoot Hayes MacArthur


Barefoot Hayes MacArthur is enjoying a day in the sun. If you like women’s feet too, you get a double dose!

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