Luke James Black Bare Feet


Luke James Black Bare Feet

When I saw how popular the post for black male musician Luke James’ black bare feet were, I hunted for more. Too bad they this one isn’t as good, but it is good!  You can see the shape and size and know that they are right there for the looking and touching!  I will always keep an eye out for more! Just for you!

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Luke James Black Bare Feet

Chris Hemsworth Barefoot and Totally Soaked

Chris Hemsworth with drippping wet male celebrity feet is a real treat for those of us that love men with no shoes on. He also has an incredible body that I would love drying off with my body rubbing against his! Hemsorth is known best for his character, Thor, in the fantasy drama Thor movies. He also played Kim Hyde in the TV show Home and Away.



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