Darren Criss Barefoot and Wet in the Sand


Darren Criss has the perfect barefeet to dig his toes in the sand. It seems like most of the male actor barefeet we see are wet on the beach which is fine with me. It also gives us a peak at the rest of their bodies. Criss certainly has one to admire. He has just enough hair for anyone to enjoy. Criss plays Baline Anderson on the hit TV show Glee.

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Justin Chambers Wet and Barefoot on the Beach


Justin Chambers has great barefeet and even better because they are wet. Seeing Justin Chambers on the beach is a treat. His body is smooth and looks like he is naturally trim meaning he doesn’t have to spend tons of time in the gym. I personally love male celebrities shirtless that have more definition. But he still looks great. Chambers plays the grouchy doctor, Dr. Alex Karev, on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

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Taylor Kinney’s Barefeet


Taylor Kinney (on the right) has spectacular feet. Perfect toes, perfect feet. Kinney plays Kelly Severide in the awesome show Chicago Fire. Unfortunately I haven’t see this male actor barefoot yet but I will watch for it and let you know when I do catch them!

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Shemar Moore Barefoot and Naked


Who can’t tear their eyes away from not only a barefoot male actor but nude too?! Shemar Moore shares his perfect, sculpted body. I know that what he is hiding under his hands is a perfect penis. Moore started his career as a soap star, Malcom Winters, in The Young and the Restless. He then landed a great role as Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. Watch for the show to start up again September, 2013.

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Dylan O’Brien Barefoot GIF


Since GIFs have become popular we really get to see a whole lot more of our favorite male celebrities including Dylan O’Brien. He has one awesome set of feet. I am just dreaming that he is walking toward me. Barefeet are such a turn on! If you don’t recognize  O’Brien currently he is currently playing Stiles on the show Teen Wolf.  Also watch for him in the film The Maze Runner coming out in early 2014.

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Terrence Howard Barefoot


Even though it looks like Terrence Howard’s feet are a little beaten up they are still awesome attached to such a sexy black male actor! Nothing a little pedicure can’t fix!  Howard’s career took off with a boom and he has never looked back. Early on he got tons of leading man roles. Good roles. He is in the upcoming film Prisoner so we get to get our much needed fix!

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Brenton Thwaites Running Barefoot and Shirtless on the Beach


If you love barefeet in the sand Brent Thwaites should really turn you on. Thwaites did many scenes in the movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening so come back for more! If you are from Australia you should recognize Thwaites as Stu Henderson in the Australian show Home and Away. You lucky Canadians watch for Thwaites to appear in the upcoming film Oculos in September, 2013.

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Tyler Blackburn Barefoot and Shirtless


Talk about sexy feet!  I rate Tyler Blackburn up there at the top. Also, if you can tear your eyes from his feet, check out his chest too. Go further and see his unbelievably face. Blackburn currently plays Caleb Rivers in the hit show Pretty Little Liars.

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Hugh Jackman Barefoot


Hugh Jackman shows off his ball sacs and is also sharing his gorgeous feet with us. Jackman is one of Hollywoods most popular Male Celebrities.

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